Trevor Noah's lame Ruth Bader Ginsburg joke: "The Daily Show's" long, sad slide into Jay Leno-ville drags on

A groaner of an RBG joke highlights an ever-so-predictable SCOTUS piece. Is "The Daily Show" even trying?

By Brendan Gauthier
May 18, 2016 3:36PM (UTC)
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"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah last night discussed the Supreme Court's highly anticipated decision (or lack thereof) on a case involving whether the Affordable Care Act can require religious groups to offer female employees coverage for contraceptives.

Fearing another 4-4 tie, the Supreme Court Monday announced its non-decision, sending the case back to the lower courts.


"The Supreme Court has decided to do its best Congress impression by taking an important problem and doing nothing about it," Noah said.

"Why even come into work if you're not gonna do anything?" he continued. "You could be off doing your hobbies instead. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you could finally get back to your kickboxing classes."

Watch the full segment below:


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