"He speaks real weird": Johnny Depp reflects on his role of a lifetime as Donald Trump

The actor dished to Ellen on what it's like to be Trump

Published May 20, 2016 6:44PM (EDT)

Johnny Depp    (Reuters/Toru Hanai)
Johnny Depp (Reuters/Toru Hanai)

Johnny Depp went deeper inside the psyche of Donald Trump than anyone probably should for his starring turn as the GOP presidential hopeful in Funny or Die's parody "The Art of the Deal: The Movie," which premiered online in February.

The actor, musician, and pathological accessorizer reflected on his journey into the mind of Trump on the Friday edition of "Ellen."

"I just thought it sounded like fun," Depp said. "I figured out could sort or suss out how he speaks. It was difficult. He speaks real weird."

Depp launched into a sample of his Trump impersonation: ""I have built a papier-mâché wall for Mexico. It cost $17.99. Fabulous!"

If imitating the Donald's voice was tough, the makeup process required to make Depp look like the orange-skinned Trump may have been even more taxing. "That was a 23-and-a-half hour day," Depp said as footage rolled of him tearing Trump prosthetics from his face. "I was real happy to get that off."

Depp cautioned last week that if Trump is elected, he will be the "the actual last president of the United States."

Watch the full clip from "Ellen" below:

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