Of course Ali G is a figure now in the election: Sacha Baron Cohen calls BS on Trump's take on 2003 interview

Cohen: Trump didn't walk out "immediately," he chatted for 7 minutes, a "long time" for an Ali G interview

By Brendan Gauthier
May 25, 2016 12:36AM (UTC)
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In 2003, Donald Trump appeared on "Da Ali G Show," starring Sacha Baron Cohen, who would later become internationally super-famous for "Borat."

The character Ali G was, to use an early-2000s phrase, a wangster (white + gangster) parody. Cohen would conduct real interviews in character.


During Trump's particular appearance Cohen-as-Ali G "Shark Tank"-style pitched the now-presumptive GOP nominee an invention called the "Ice Cream Glove." For context, watch below:

As you saw, Trump either played along or fell for it for about a minute before politely walking out. Or, as Trump puts it:


On his "Late Late Show" appearance Tuesday night, however, Cohen disagreed with Trump's definition of "immediately."

"He claims that he saw through the interview," Cohen said, "but actually he was there for seven minutes."

Asked if that's long for an Ali G interview, Cohen said, "Yes. Quite a long time."


Watch Cohen's "Late Late Show" interview below:

(h/t The Daily Beast)

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