Veteran who basely shills for Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of using veterans as political pawns

It's called a mirror, Representative Baldasaro — it would behoove you to look in it once in a while

By Scott Eric Kaufman
May 31, 2016 8:02PM (UTC)
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At a Donald Trump campaign event Tuesday, one of his supporters -- a veteran, whose integrity cannot by current political definition be impugned -- claimed that "the liberal media" is the "only one who has been calling [Trump] out" for very likely lying about the amount of money he's contributed to veterans and their associated causes.

"Stop using veterans as liberal pawns," Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire representative and Marine veteran, said.


"If you look at a lot of these groups, they give 10 or 20 cents on the dollar," he continued, "but if you look at [Trump], he gave 100 percent." That is, of course, not even remotely true, but Baldasaro was undeterred.

He complained that "you've got a guy outside, [Alexander] McCoy," another veteran, "who if you do a Google search for his Facebook, he's for Clinton. They're using veterans for political pawns," Baldasaro said, apparently unaware that he was literally delivering this speech from behind a podium emblazoned with Donald Trump's name.

Watch the entire event below via Right Side Broadcasting.


Scott Eric Kaufman

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