What makes Arnold Schwarzenegger need "to change his pants"? How about a charging elephant?

The former governor posted video of the encounter, but insisted it didn't change his mind about conservation

Published June 2, 2016 3:44PM (EDT)

(Credit: Arnold Schwarzenegger)
(Credit: Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Hollywood legend and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger almost added another title to his résumé recently -- elephant fodder.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Schwarzenegger documented his encounter with an angry elephant who, after briefly tapping his vehicle, charged it at full tilt. "No no no," the driver can be heard saying at one point.

"Oh, shit," Schwarzenegger himself said as the animal came back for another round with the action hero's vehicle. "He's going to charge us!"

And charge the elephant did -- however, that didn't change Schwarzenegger's opinion of the animal. "I'm absolutely in awe of these beautiful, strong animals, even though some of us had to change our pants after this," he wrote in a caption to the video.

"We need to stop killing them - take a photo, not a shot. Would you rather be able to experience these creatures or a hunk of ivory? I thought so."

Watch the entire video below via Schwarzenegger himself on Instagram.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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