WASP caricature Tucker Carlson calls Matt Damon a "pampered actor" on Fox and Friends

You can't mock someone's privilege when you're literally draped in symbols of privilege, Tucker

By Brendan Gauthier
June 7, 2016 1:06AM (UTC)
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"Fox and Friends Weekend" co-host and boarding school narc Tucker Carlson on Saturday went off about Matt Damon's Donald Trump diss during the actor's commencement address at MIT.

Carlson called Damon "some pampered actor" before arguing MIT and Harvard (the latter which Damon dropped out of) are "way less impressive than we pretend they are."


It being "Fox and Friends," no one called out Carlson on his hypocrisy.

It's worth noting that this is the same Tucker Carlson whose dad was a diplomat and media executive; whose family has a summer home in coastal Maine; and who's better known for his bow ties than any meaningful journalistic output.

Damon might well be a "pampered actor," but you're wearing a regiment-stripe tie, Tucker.


"They hired him because he's, like, famous and liberal," he added.

Yeah, 'cause it's a commencement speech. If they wanted a non-famous conservative, they'd hire Tucker Carlson.

"Nobody ever says to the colleges ... why are you charging sixty-grand-a-year for a half-rate education?" said Carlson, who spent five years in the '90s at now-$67,000/year Trinity College, famous for its first-rate squash program.


Watch below:

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