The insatiable hunger of Guy Fieri's soul: 8 amazing videos of the Food Network host, eating

A deep dive into the movement Conan O'Brien started in 2012 with "Guy Fieri eating in reverse"

Published June 7, 2016 4:19PM (EDT)

In my time not spent creating content, I'm usually receding hairline-deep in existential throes. So I cherish any means of escapism, often courtesy of the vast archive of YouTube clips of Guy Fieri eating.

Below is the pimp daddy mac, if you will, of all Guy Fieri eating videos. Originally airing on "Conan" in 2012, it's a real O.G.:

From that work of art stemmed an abundance of montages of Guy eating set to juxtapositional songs. The genre is so oversaturated that I originally hadn't planned to ad any to this list. But these three made the cut by virtue of pizzaz:

to Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt":

to (Eddie) Van Halen's "Eruption":

to Jhene Aiko's infamous verse in "Posed to Be":

That's just the frosted tip of the iceberg, though.

Here's Guy eating in half-speed. Everything he says sounds like a devolving gastrointestinal system having a temper tantrum, which is kind of meta:

Here's Guy eating in slo-mo set to vaporwave and male orgasm sounds. This one's my favorite because it triangulates me, Guy, and vaporwave: three things that reached peak popularity during my high school years:

Here's your stepdad adding colored commentary to a video of Guy eating cow brain:

And as a bonus clip for reading this far, here's Guy "eating like a panda":

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