Joe Scarborough's supremely "pissed off" at Donald Trump and his "stupid" supporters": "Prove to me you're not bigots!"

He revoked his endorsement, implored "stupid" members of GOP base to hold Trump accountable

Published June 8, 2016 12:51PM (EDT)

Joe Scarborough (Credit: MSNBC)
Joe Scarborough (Credit: MSNBC)

ON MSNBC's Morning Joe Wednesday, host Joe Scarborough revoked his endorsement of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump -- at least until he stops "acting like a racist" and "a bigot."

Scarborough demanded Trump "prove to me he's not a bigot," because he's not about to let Trump "to take my party down in a ditch." He also implored members of his party to stop being willingly led down into ditches. "It's the worst of all worlds -- if [you] embrace the racist to beat Hillary, [you] lose to Hillary and destroy the party."

After calling people who would embrace such a strategy "stupid," he elaborated on the effect of a Trump run for the White House as it's currently shaping up. "You lose the presidency," Scarborough began. "Then you lose the Senate, and you lose the House, and then we small-government conservatives -- we’re screwed because you’ve destroyed our party, because you’re running scared."

"You’ve got to stand up to Donald Trump and say, prove to us that you deserve our support," he added. "When you do that, then maybe we’ll consider giving you our endorsement back."

Scarborough was also incensed by party hardliners who insist that not supporting Trump will put Hillary Clinton in the White House. "You can't use Hillary as a gun against my head," he said, because "I'm taking the gun away." Trump needs to "prove to the Republican Party, and to me, personally, that [he's] not a bigot."

"So," he said, "don't use Hillary as a threat against me. Don't use Hillary as an excuse -- as a blank check to say racist things about people born in Indiana."

Watch the entire segment below via MSNBC.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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