WATCH: Stephen Colbert puts the Bernie-Obama meeting into (hilarious) perspective

Meanwhile, Obama left the meeting and immediately endorsed Hillary Clinton," Colber said

By Brendan Gauthier

Published June 10, 2016 2:28PM (EDT)

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert during last night's monologue spent some time talking about Sen. Bernie Sanders' private meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday.

Colbert called the meeting "fitting, since they're both beloved political figures who are just a few months away from not being president."

"After meeting with the president and checking under the White House doormat for a spare key, Bernie told supporters that he is willing to work with Hillary Clinton to fight a common enemy," he continued. "Meanwhile, Obama left the meeting and immediately endorsed Hillary Clinton."

In a video endorsement, Obama said he doesn't think there's ever been someone as qualified as Clinton for him to pass the torch to.

"Suck it, third-term FDR!" Colbert replied.

Watch the monologue below:

Brendan Gauthier

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