Louis C.K.: Equating Trump with Hitler "was a messy thing to do," he tells NY Mag

But the comedian said he felt he had to "raise my hand and be counted"

Published June 13, 2016 3:55PM (EDT)

               (Louis C.K.)
(Louis C.K.)

Louis C.K. spoke to New York magazine about a host of topics, including his much-publicized spat with GOP nominee Donald Trump.

C.K. conceded that equating Trump to Hitler "was a messy thing to do," but stopped short of apologizing.

"Celebrities saying things politically is obnoxious, because you’ve got a bullhorn that was given to you for one reason and you used that bullhorn for something else," he continued. "But also I think when there’s somebody as terrible as Trump running, you’re a little bit of a coward by keeping it to yourself if you’re really concerned about it. I felt like I had to raise my hand and be counted because I believe he’s a bigot with a hole in his heart. A guy who shouldn’t be anywhere near the fucking thing is the Republican nominee."

Read the full conversation over at New York magazine.

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