Rubio's running! It turns out Marco wasn't done with the Senate after all

After months of insisting his presidential bid was "Oval Office or bust," Rubio now hopes to keep his Senate seat

Published June 22, 2016 9:38PM (EDT)

Marco Rubio   (AP/Jacquelyn Martin)
Marco Rubio (AP/Jacquelyn Martin)

Despite months of saying that if he wasn't elected president this cycle he wouldn't seek re-election to the Senate, it turns out Marco Rubio is going to run to keep his seat after all. Which is kind of funny, given that he tweeted this only a little over a month ago:

The GOP is going to have to fight to keep control of the Senate and House this election, so party bosses are looking to keep any seat they can, any way they can. And that includes urging Rubio to reconsider his ultimatum of either being elected president or becoming a private citizen.

Nearly all the Republicans who had started to run to fill Rubio's seat are expected to drop out to clear the way for him.

His opponent in the fall will likely be Patrick Murphy, who won his election to the House of Representatives in 2012 against an incumbent Republican.

Murphy has already begun attacking Rubio for the statements he made during his presidential campaign which including disparaging the Senate and saying he wouldn't run.

“Marco Rubio abandoned his constituents, and now he’s treating them like a consolation prize,” Murphy said in a statement earlier today. “Unlike Marco Rubio, I love working hard every single day for the people of Florida.”

A super PAC, American Bridge 21st Century, even put together a supercut of all the times Rubio slammed the Senate and career politicians.

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