Stephen Colbert can't hide his disgust: "I thought the government might do its job and pass any kind of gun control"

The "Late Show" host took the Senate to task for caving to "8 percent of the population" who balk at gun control

Brendan Gauthier
June 22, 2016 5:21PM (UTC)

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert last night refused to self-censor his disappointment with another round of Senate gridlock on gun control.

"After the attacks in Orlando, I thought the government might do its job and pass any kind of gun control — even a fig leaf to justify their existence," Colbert said. "Well, for thinking that, I owe myself an apology."


Despite 92% constituent approval for some degree of gun control, the Senate failed Monday to reach a consensus on two measures that would prevent people on the terror watch list from purchasing a gun and instate universal background checks.

"Since when does eight percent of the population get to have total control of an issue?" he continued. "That's like taking your entire family on a cross-country car trip and letting grandma choose all the music."

Watch the full segment below:


Brendan Gauthier

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