Corey Lewandowski, fired Trump campaign manager, now set to join CNN

Politico reports Lewandowski will join the likes of Jeffery Lord in shilling for Trump this election season

By Sophia Tesfaye

Published June 23, 2016 6:47PM (EDT)


According to Politico, recently fired Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has been thrown a new job opportunity after only two days of unemployment.

CNN has offered Lewandowski a position as a salaried political commentator.

Of course, after a criminal investigation into his manhandling of a female reporter, abysmal fundraising and failure to present any sense of a "presidential pivot," Lewandowski was finally dumped by the Trump campaign at the behest of the candidate's adult children and close advisers Monday morning.

Lewandowski appeared on CNN later that afternoon for an extended, and at times awkward, exit interview (and apparent test-run) of sort:

The network already features controversial Trump supporters like Jeffery Lord and Kayleigh McEnany -- sometimes at the behest of the candidate.

"He certainly gave CNN my name, but I had to take it from there," Lord recently told PennLive after explaining that Trump was frustrated by what he believed was a lack of on-air pundits who “get” him.

CNN has come under criticism for its decision to feature some of Trump's most vile backers in the past.

In February, the network was forced to announce that it would no longer host Roger Stone, a notorious Republican "dirty trickster" who found himself booted from the Trump campaign early on, after he went after other CNN personalities.

To be fair, CNN is hardly the first or only network to provide sanctuary for failed political campaign operatives.

Earlier this campaign season, MSNBC was quick to snap up former Ted Cruz communications director Rick Tyler as a political pundit after he was fired from the campaign in February.

Sophia Tesfaye

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