"Until recently, they really hated each other:" Trevor Noah on the Hillary-Warren power duo

"They used to have bad blood, but now they've got mad love," Noah said

Published June 30, 2016 1:42PM (EDT)

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah Wednesday night detailed the first campaign appearance of the political power duo composed of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and progressive Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. The two held a joint rally on Monday in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Getting Elizabeth Warren to campaign with Hillary is actually a really big deal," Noah said. "First of all, Elizabeth Warren is one of the leading voices in the fine art of trolling Donald Trump. And she's also one of the country's top progressive icons today. It's basically Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Flo."

"Clinton's main challenge is to unify the country," he continued. "And this new alliance with Warren is a really good sign she'll be able to do it, because until recently, they really hated each other."

A relentless opponent of Wall St., Sen. Warren has in the past criticized the former Secretary of State for answering to credit card companies "as a constituency."

"This is genuinely what I love about politics in America," Noah said. "People can spend years shitting on each other, and then when it fits their needs [they flip]. I believe this is what political scientists call 'reverse Taylor Swift-ing' ... They used to have bad blood, but now they've got mad love."

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