WATCH: Former campaign manager Lewandowski grilled over Trump soliciting donations from foreign politicians

Given that he's now a CNN contributor, you would think it was a safe space for him — it most certainly is not

Published July 1, 2016 2:13PM (EDT)

Corey Lewandowski (Credit: CNN) (CNN)
Corey Lewandowski (Credit: CNN) (CNN)

Corey Lewandowski, the disgraced former Trump campaign manager turned CNN analyst, demonstrated Friday morning once again why his hiring is either a terrible mistake or terrific performance art, as he desperately tried to defend his former boss against charges that his campaign solicited donations from foreign politicians.

Alisyn Camerota, one of the hosts of CNN's "New Day," asked Lewandowski why Trump was soliciting donations from members of the British Parliament. Lewandowski first attempted to pivot, claiming that the candidate who is really guilty of soliciting foreign donations is Hillary Clinton, and that many foreigners might donate to Trump because they're afraid that a Clinton White House will lead to the destruction of Israel.

But Camerota refused to bite, and repeated her question: "How would a member of British parliament have gotten this solicitation?"

Lewandowski insisted she must have "opted into the Donald Trump email system."

"She said she didn't opt in," Camerota replied.

"It's possible," he said, "but the bottom line is anybody who opted into the system volutarily -- "

"She didn't opt in," Camerota repeated.

Lewandowski replied that anybody "can opt in or out of the system," but Camerota again refused to relent, reminding him that "she didn't opt in."

At that point, a defeated looking Lewandowski admitted that "maybe she didn't, I don't know the answer in this specific case, but there are millions of people on this list."

Watch the entire video below via Mediaite.

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