WATCH: Megyn Kelly mocks Republicans for turning on "straight shooter" James Comey as soon as he defied them

"Why don't they just take what Comey gave them and make the most of it?" she wondered

By Scott Eric Kaufman
July 7, 2016 4:51PM (UTC)
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Megyn Kelly (Credit: Fox News)

On "The Kelly File" Wednesday evening, host Megyn Kelly laughed at the Republicans who were calling for congressional inquiries into the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails and demanding FBI Director James Comey explain himself or resign.

She wanted to "put the Comey thing aside, because for months all I've heard is 'straight shooter,' 'you can trust him,' 'we're going to go with what he says' -- now they don't like the end conclusion, and it's 'you will appear!' and 'he needs to step down!'"


Kelly noted that he did open the press conference by saying, "lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie" about the Clinton campaign's response to both the investigation and its results.

Clinton's former campaign secretary Mo Elleithee agreed, saying he "wished both sides were a little better right now, because the way the Republicans are going after it -- this gives them something other than Donald Trump to talk about, which they desperately want and need right now -- but they're stepping on their own message."

"It gives her the chance to play the victim," Kelly interjected, "either by herself or through her surrogates, [by saying], 'wow, really, the FBI, which had dozens of agents going through this, has reached its conclusions -- now we have to go through another sixteen hour hearing? Why don't they just take what Comey gave them and make the most of it?"


Watch the entire segment below via Fox News.

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