Ben Carson plays the Lucifer card: Strange attack on Hillary leaves heads shaking at RNC

The retired neurosurgeon was uncharacteristically peppy and characteristically bible-y at the RNC on Tuesday

By Brendan Gauthier
July 20, 2016 7:07AM (UTC)
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Renowned neurosurgeon and one-time GOP presidential primary frontrunner Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night.

Carson accidentally announced his candidacy during a live radio interview in May of last year. He would remain on the trail for the ten months before suspending his campaign in March following a dismal Super Tuesday showing.


For a moment in November, Carson led GOP nominee Donald Trump by six points nationally, according to a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

One week after suspending his campaign, Carson endorsed Trump, who at one time implicitly likened the doctor to a "child molester." Of such insults, Carson said in his endorsement, "That was political stuff."

Republicans must dispel "the notion that a Hillary Clinton administration wouldn't be that bad," Carson said on Tuesday night in Cleveland. "It won't be four or eight years because she will be appointing people who will have an effect on generations, and America may never recover from that."


Carson said Clinton appointments — namely of a Supreme Court justice to fill the late Antonin Scalia's vacancy — "would have a deleterious effect on what happens for generations to come."

Drawing boos from the convention crowd, Carson cited Clinton's fondness for community organizer Saul Alinsky — one of many criticisms of the presumptive Democratic nominee widely circulated among conservative media. Carson explained that Alinsky dedicated his book, "Rules for Radicals," to Lucifer. And, as a Christian nation, he asked, "Are we willing to elect as president someone who has as their role model somebody who acknowledges Lucifer?"

"If we continue to allow (secular progressives) to take God out of our lives, God will remove himself from us," he warned. "We will not be blessed and our nation will go down the tubes ... We don't want that to happen."


Trump, on the other hand, "understands that the blessings of this nation come with the responsibility to ensure that they are available to all, not just the privileged few."

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