Donald Trump Jr.'s yuuge night: GOP's nominee son steals Day 2 of the RNC

Trump Jr. praises his father for allowing him to learn from people with "doctorates in common sense"

By Scott Eric Kaufman
July 20, 2016 6:53AM (UTC)
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Donald Trump Jr. (Credit: Fox News)

Donald Trump Jr. delivered an impassioned, if a bit perplexing, speech supporting his father at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday.

The perplexing segments were largely the result of him having been raised by his mother after his parents' divorce, as well as having attended boarding school instead of spending time with his father, so his "personal" anecdotes consisted largely of platitudes drawn from his father's ghost-written, self-aggrandizing books and what he learned talking to Trump Sr.'s employees on work sites.


That's not how Trump Jr. phrased it, saying instead that "when someone tells him it can't get done, that guarantees it gets done" and that "when someone tells him something is impossible, that's what triggers him into action." He claimed to know that his father would be able to "fix the country," because he was by his father's "side on job sites and conference rooms from the time I could walk," a statement which suggests that Trump Sr. wasn't much of a parent -- or would, if it were true.

Trump Jr. also claimed that his father "didn't spend time in executive suites, he hung out with the regular guys on construction sites, pouring sheetrock and hanging -- pouring concrete and hanging sheetrock."

"His true gift as a leader," he continued, "that they can't even see in themselves. That he would trust his childrens' formative years to these men and women says all you need to know about Donald Trump. We didn't learn from MBAs -- we learned from people who had doctorates in common sense."


The crowd punctuated Trump Jr.'s speech with chants of "Trump! Trump! Trump!" even when the scion was favorably quoting former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders about what is keeping wages low.

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