Seth Meyers takes "closer look" at RNC chaos and irony: "Like starting a KKK rally with 'Straight Outta Compton'"

The "Late Night" host breaks down the insanity of Trump's Queen entrance and other Republican convention absurdity

Brendan Gauthier
July 20, 2016 5:53PM (UTC)

"Before the speakers even took the stage, there was some political chess being played as a number of 'stop Trump' delegates made a last-ditch effort to force a floor vote to topple Trump, and it quickly turned (to) chaos on the floor," Meyers explained. However, "Eventually convention leaders managed to quash the revolt, which was actually a very symbolic event. It was the moment at which the last dissenting voices were quieted and the party officially embraced the politics of Trumpism."

Nothing if not a showman, Trump made an ostentatious entrance — or, as Meyers put it, "beamed down from his spaceship to greet the people of earth" — on night one in Cleveland, fog machines and "We Are The Champions" on full blast.


"It should be noted," Meyers added, "Trump entering the Republican convention to a song by Queen is like starting a KKK rally with 'Straight Outta Compton.'"

Watch the full segment below:

Brendan Gauthier

Brendan Gauthier is a freelance writer.

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