Eric Trump delivers impersonal, if rousing, speech in the wake of Cruz non-endorsement bombshell

His refusal to acknowledge what Cruz had done undermined his boasting about his father's "strength"

By Scott Eric Kaufman
July 21, 2016 6:26AM (UTC)
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Eric Trump (Credit: Fox News)

The day after his brother gave a speech that many considered the most stirring of convention to date, and two days after his step-mother delivered one plagiarized from First Lady Michelle Obama, Eric Trump took the stage at the Republican National Convention under unusual circumstances, to say the least -- especially since he was following Ted Cruz's remarkable non-endorsement speech.

Earlier on Wednesday, he told ABC News that he employed "zero" speechwriters, and that he "wrote every single word of my speech myself" -- which would be more convincing has his step-mother not made similar claims before her speech.


He insisted, however, that he had "written from the heart, and [he] would certainly deliver from the heart," and that "the product will be sincere and full of love, full of emotion, and that's how it's supposed to be." Trump said his speech would focus on why his father had decided to run, and that he did -- but boasting about how many primary votes his father received without mentioning Cruz's speech did little to revive the atmosphere that the Texas senator has sucked from the room.

By the speech's conclusion, he had successfully rallied the crowd to some extent, and under other circumstances, his list of reasons why his father was running and who he is running for would have been rousing -- but he decision to barely acknowledge the bombshell that Cruz had dropped on the convention seemed wholly inadequate.

"Never have I been more proud to be a Trump," he concluded to great, if forced, acclaim.

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