"A foreign, fascist puppet master is manipulating our election": Putin might sway the U.S. vote — and that's terrifying

Josh Zepps on why DNC corruption is small potatoes compared to foreign intrusion in our politics

Published July 28, 2016 2:54PM (EDT)

Why are some members of the press and public more concerned with the content of the hacked DNC emails than the fact that the Russian government may be (successfully) interfering in an American presidential election?

That's the question We The People Live host Josh Zepps asks in this original Salon video filmed at the Democratic National Convention.

Zepps likens the misplaced outrage with the fallout from the 2014 Sony hack, when media coverage seemed more interested in "whatever catty thing Dumbfuck McStudioface said about Mr. Tabloid Movie Star" than whether (and if so, why) the hack was perpetrated by North Korea

Zepps reserves some of his wrath towards Donald Trump, who on Wednesday called on Russia to release emails it may have hacked from Hillary Clinton's private email server.

"Can you imagine the response from Republicans if a Democrat was urging a foreign autocrat to cyberattack America?" Zepps asks.

"This is not a game," he continues. "A foreign, fascist puppet master is manipulating our election. And what's worse, we, including one of our presidential candidates, are happy to be his puppets."

Watch the full video above.

By Michael Garofalo

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