"He is a tall glass of Lactaid": John Oliver talks Tim Kaine in "Late Show" appearance

"If he's gonna be America's step-dad," the "Last Week Tonight" host said, "that was an exemplary performance"

Published July 28, 2016 1:35PM (EDT)

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver, guesting on Stephen Colbert's post-DNC "Late Show" on Wednesday, professed his love for Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

Kaine had a primetime speaking spot ahead of Vice President Biden and President Obama at the convention on Wednesday. The greatest takeaway from his speech seemed to be his truly terrible impression of GOP nominee Donald Trump.

"If he's gonna be America's step-dad, that was an exemplary performance," Oliver said of Kaine's speech. "The level of dad-jokes and impressions that came out of that man's soft face — he is a tall glass of Lactaid."

"I've never wanted to be called 'scamp' by someone as much as I have" Tim Kaine, Oliver continued. "I've never seen someone more about to break into a harmonica solo than that man. Ever."

Watch below:

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