Tim Kaine breaks out his best Donald Trump impersonation to introduce himself to the DNC: "Believe me!"

After a threatened boycott of his speech, the affable would-be VP also made his best pitch to Sanders supporters

By Sophia Tesfaye
July 28, 2016 7:07AM (UTC)
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Democratic U.S. vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine walks onstage to accept the nomination on the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (Reuters)

"Can I tell you something funny?" a folksy Time Kaine asked to introduce himself to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia after accepting the party's nomination for vice president.

"We should all feel the Bern," the Virginia Senator said, directly addressing rumors that Bernie Sanders delegates planned to stage a walk-out during his primetime address. "[A]nd we should all not want to get burned by the other guy," he said to roars from the hall.


“Folks, you cannot believe one word Trump says," the usually mild-manner Kaine said matter-of-factly.

“Not one word! Not one word!” the crowd energetically chanted back.

"Is there anyone in this building who believes him?”


"Any party that would nominate Donald Trump for President has moved too far away from the party of Lincoln," Kaine said, after highlighting his Republican father-in-law's record desegregating Virginia schools.


Kaine then lowered his voice and got louder to deliver his best Trump impression.

"Trump is a guy who promises a lot, but you might have noticed he's got a way of saying the same two words every time he makes his biggest, hugest promises," Kaine mocked. "'Believe me.' It's going to be great, 'believe me.' We're going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, 'believe me.' We're going to destroy ISIS so fast, 'believe me.' There's nothing suspicious in my tax returns, 'believe me.'



“I trust Hillary Clinton with our son’s life…I don’t trust Donald Trump,” he told the crowd, making the case for the party's top of the ticket. 

“Hillary is ready. She's ready to fight. She's ready to win, and she's ready to lead.”

Sophia Tesfaye

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