Vote with your fork: A national food policy could be really sweet for the economy

Josh Zepps spoke with food policy advocate Evan Hanczor about the socioeconomic implications of food policy

Published July 28, 2016 1:03AM (EDT)

On Wednesday's Salon live at the Democratic National Convention, host Josh Zepps talked to food policy advocate Evan Hanczor about the importance of a national food policy that reduces sugar consumption.

"The economy, security, human civil rights, economic and general social inequality all connect to food in some way," Hanczor explained. "And food could also be a huge driver for change in all those areas."

Zepps noted that the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates food policy, answers to the USDA, which is in charge of "subsidizing the increased production of sugar," according to Hanczor.

"They have this schizophrenic existence that I don't think is helping anyone," Hanczor said.

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