WATCH: Trevor Noah explains how Trump's "Second Amendment" comment is like the famous internet dress:

"We're all trying to figure out what the hell it is, and no one can agree," Noah said

Published August 11, 2016 2:36PM (EDT)

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah on Wednesday night spent an inordinate chunk of airtime dissecting GOP nominee Donald Trump's suggestion that "Second Amendment people" ought to influence opponent Hillary Clinton's Supreme Court nominees, should she become president.

"In this situation, there's two basic schools of thought," Noah explained. "Either this was a wry comment about shooting a future president, or it was a call to voter action — and no one can agree. Was it a joke? Or was it serious?"

Noah compared Trump's amoebic speeches to the 2015 viral phenomenon "the dress," in that "we're all trying to figure out what the hell it is, and no one can agree."

"Normally politicians only get to have interpreters when they're traveling overseas," Noah continued. "But Donald Trump — he needs one for his own country."

Watch below:

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