Trump on claiming Obama is "founder" of ISIS: "Obviously I'm being sarcastic ... but not that sarcastic"

Trump even treated the lucky Erie, PA, crowd to his clunky recitation of "The Snake"

Published August 12, 2016 8:37PM (EDT)

At his rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Friday afternoon, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump tried to explain his assertion that President Obama "founded" ISIS.

"Obviously, I'm being sarcastic," Trump said. "But not that sarcastic to be honest with you."

Trump mocked less impulsive pundits — like Hugh Hewitt — who told him to lighten his rhetoric and perhaps call the president "an enabler" instead of the "founder" of the terrorist organization.

"That doesn't sound the same," Trump explained, before criticizing the media for the umpteenth time: "These people are the lowest form of life."

Trump returned to his usual quip, saying that, "very soon," Obama is "going over to pick up his most valuable player award."

On a similar note, Trump later treated the crowd of 9,000 to a rare spoken-word recitation of "The Snake" by civil rights activist and singer-songwriter Oscar Brown, Jr. Trump has recited the lyrics — which he appropriates to caution against the United States' acceptance of Syrian refugees — at a handful of his previous rallies along the trail.

Brown's family has asked Trump to stop using the lyrics.

Do yourself a favor and watch below:

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