"Have you said one thing negative about Donald Trump?": CNN's Bob Beckel grills Corey Lewandowski

The former-campaign manager's lingering ties to the Trump campaign blur bigly the lines of journalistic integrity

By Brendan Gauthier

Published August 26, 2016 4:04PM (EDT)

On Thursday's "CNN Tonight with Don Lemon," Democratic panelist Bob Beckel put pundit Corey Lewandowski on the spot for his vested interest in positively portraying GOP nominee Donald Trump — for whom he'd previously served as campaign manager.

"Corey, let me ask you a question," Beckel said. "Have you once since you left that campaign, one time — I'm a political analyst, I get on you, and I attack Hillary Clinton when I think it's necessary —  have you said one thing negative about Donald Trump?"

"Bob, if you've seen me, I absolutely have," Lewandowski responded before Beckel cut him off.

The campaign's latest FEC filings revealed it paid Lewandowski — via his consulting firm, Green Monster — $20,000 in July for "strategy consulting," despite having ousted its former-manager in June. Lewandowski even attended Trump's rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Thursday.

In light of this, at least some have alleged Lewandowski's job at CNN presents a conflict of interest.

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Brendan Gauthier

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