Trump campaign affiliate warns of continued "assault on the unborn" if Hillary Clinton is elected

"And if we're waiting for a perfect candidate to come along," pastor Ramiro Peña said, "don't hold your breath"

Published August 29, 2016 7:56PM (EDT)

Televangelist Jim Bakker — of doomsday prepper food buckets fame — had on his show last month Ramiro Peña, a pastor at Christ the King Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, who's affiliated with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign.

During the primaries, Peña called Trump's xenophobic message, "uninspiring and off-putting," but has since settled and become a member of the National Hispanic Advisory Council for Trump, according to Right Wing Watch.

"We'll continue to see an assault on the unborn," Peña said when Bakker asked him to describe a world in which Trump isn't elected. "It'll be the most gruesome thing. And it is absolutely hated by God."

"And if we're waiting for a perfect candidate to come along, don't hold your breath. We will never have a perfect candidate," he continued. "People — especially of my culture — say to me, 'How can you support Mr. Trump when he says these things?' Look, I know what the other side looks like and it is so bad."

(h/t Right Wing Watch)

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