Trump "scares the s---t out of me," says Mark Cuban, ratcheting up his criticism

The GOP nominee is an "immediate danger" to national security, Cuban added in an interview with CNNMoney

Published September 21, 2016 10:35PM (EDT)


Mark Cuban says the Republican nominee "scares the shit out of me."

In an interview with CNNMoney, Cuban called Donald Trump an "immediate danger" to national security. "His inability to control the things he says, his inability to understand the impact of what he says, his inability to have situational awareness, creates risk for my country and for my kids," Cuban said.

The NBA owner and "Shark Tank" star also addressed the $10 million pledge he made to Trump, daring the presidential candidate to sit down for a marathon policy interview. Cuban has not yet heard from Trump.

"I wanted to make a point that I don't think he understands his policies, I don't think he understands or knows the details that go behind them, from whoever is giving him his policies. And I think that is a problem," Cuban said.

The billionare then confirmed his support for Hillary Clinton, "I'd rather have someone who understands the issues."

Mark Cuban has been a vocal anti-Trump presence on Twitter, admitting to CNNMoney's Alison Kosik that he Tweets about politics during "Shark Tank" tapings.

Watch Cuban's most recent T.V. appearance below, courtesy of CNNMoney:

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