Looking presidential: Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson sticks his tongue out at MSNBC's Kasie Hunt

In the wake of "What is Aleppo?" Gary Johnson shows how he's going to contend in the debate

Published September 23, 2016 4:06PM (EDT)

Screengrab MSNBC
Screengrab MSNBC

In a normal interview turned downright weird, Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson stuck out his tongue in an interview with MSNBC's Kasie Hunt. In the wake of his "What is Aleppo?" gaffe, Johnson has been working hard to prove that he's a legitimate contender — and that he could contend with Donald Trump and Senator Hilary Clinton.

How's that going for him?

Twitter users reacted to the surprise tongue-wag:



...and then there's this guy, who made a gif of Mika Brzezinski's reaction on Morning Joe...

 ...and this one, who doesn't even need to watch the video to form his opinion...

...but, to sum up that general baffled feeling, The Independent Journal giftsed us this tweet...


And yesterday, Mother Jones proved, once again, that Gary Johnson won't be the next president by releasing a 2011 National Press Club clip in which he said, "The long-term view is that in billions of years the sun is actually going to grow and encompass the earth, right?!"

George Takei spoke for everyone with this reaction:

And The Onion was a little too honest with its analysis:

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