"Ted Cruz has defeated himself": Cruz's about-face on Trump, as explained by his college roommate who hates him

Screenwriter Craig Mazin has some ideas on why the senator is voting for Trump, and they're hilarious

By Grace Guarnieri
September 24, 2016 1:13AM (UTC)
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Ted Cruz (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)

Craig Mazin, Senator Ted Cruz's college roommate and number one troll, took to Twitter (@clmazin) Friday to express his feelings about Senator Cruz's announcement that he would vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Mazin, a screenwriter credited with writing parts II and III of "The Hangover" movies as well as most recently "The Huntsman: Winter's War," roomed with the senator during his freshman year at Princeton.

It was just two months ago at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland that Cruz, who dropped out of the Republican primary in May, dramatically refused to endorse Trump as the nominee, instead urging delegates and voters to "vote your conscience."


And while his tweets are in reverse chronological order, Mazin has luckily numbered them for your convenience in understanding his ex-roommates thought process:

*Drops mic.*

And if this 12-part narrative of Senator Cruz as a spineless opportunist hasn't made you giggle, these classic Craig tweets from the primaries are sure to make make you smirk:


and finally...


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