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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel gives President Obama the "unnecessary censorship" treatment

The late night host makes it seem like swearing is no "big f'n deal" to Obama

Grace Guarnieri
September 23, 2016 5:31PM (UTC)

President Obama's cool, calm talking style masks some foul language — and, according to late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, much of it slipped under the radar.

On Thursday night's edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the host featured some of the president's remarks in the popular reoccurring segment, which bleeps innocuous words in order to make them seem dirty.


Kimmel based the skit on a recent interview with Vanity Fair, in which President Obama said he "uses more foul language than he probably should," according to Kimmel.

The segment gathered clips from Obama's last eight years in office from a press conference about the government shutdown, to a State of the Union addresses. He even said that he wanted to "**** Hillary Clinton" at an old joint rally appearance, which should surprise many people.

"Unnecessary censorship" is one of Kimmel's signature features, and has taken on everyone from President George W. Bush to cable news to "Sesame Street."

The prankster host, who has created many fake viral videos and has a man-on-the-street interview segment known as "liewitness news"  started off by joking, "Most of the cursing happens when his wife tells him what's for dinner. Kale again? God d—!"

While President Obama has some vices — it's rumored that he never quit smoking, for example — his oratory skills have been one of the signatures of his public and professional life.

Besides, it would normally be the vice president that we'd have to worry about when it comes to keeping the censors on edge.


Grace Guarnieri

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