A little baby is raises by a boy in a neighborhood in Cartagena, Colombia, Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016. Colombia's government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, will sign a peace agreement to end over 50 years of conflict, in Cartagena, on Monday. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos) (AP)

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Fascinating world views from Cartagena, Colombia to North Korea's International Friendship Air Festival

Salon Staff
September 26, 2016 11:39PM (UTC)
Look Again is a daily series presenting the best photographs of the previous 24 hours, curated and written by Salon's writers and editors.


Wonsan, North Korea   Wong Maye-E/AP
A remote-controlled F-16 fighter jet lands the Kalma Airport after a flight demonstration

I'm probably not supposed to laugh at North Korea, given that they're a nuclear power and ruled by a autocratic nightmare of a regime. But I really have to laugh at North Korea. The aggressive militarism of the Kim government is belied to an extent by the antiquated and dilapidated hardware its military uses, including an air force that flies obsolete Russian and Chinese jets from the 1960s. But here at the Wonsan International Friendship Air Festival, lucky North Koreans got a glimpse of the mighty American F-16 — in toy form.


–Simon Maloy, politics writer


New York City   Craig Ruttle/AP
Children hand out flowers at the Muslim Day Parade

Look at these adorable kids enjoying a screen-free afternoon of community pride and celebration. Most kids go to parades to collect swag — hard candies tossed from floats by the handful, plastic crap emblazoned with an HVAC systems corporate logo or last year's 12th District Comptroller’s Office election slogan — but these little girls take parade-going to the next level. They’re not grabbing, they’re giving. Even in those shades, which could signal “I am too cool for a parade in the first place, let alone to be on flower duty,” these kids showed up. What, are you not going to take the flower? Oh, your hands are full? You’re on the way to an event and you have neither vase nor water for the rose? You’re allergic to flowers and/or kind gestures? I don’t care. If these kids hand you a flower, mister, you take it. And say thank you.

–Erin Keane, culture editor


Cartagena, Colombia   Ariana Cubillos/AP
A boy raises a baby above his head

When I wrote about the announcement of this peace deal in June, I received a split response, with critics arguing I downplayed the FARC's bodycount when I noted that the U.S. classified the Marxist/Leninist guerrilla group "narcoterrorists" during the Cold War. That wasn't my intention. For those caught in the (literal or figurative) crossfire of this 52-year Conflict, the peace deal is imperfect but promising.


–Brendan Gauthier, assistant editor


Athens, Greece   Petros Giannakouris/AP
The 480 B.C bronze statue of the ancient Greek god of the sea displayed at the National Archaeological Museum

Even without arms or signature trident, Poseidon is still a dominating figure in Greek mythology, as shown here by this bronze statue. Hopefully, Jason Momoa can channel this energy when he portrays Aquaman in next year’s Justice League film (even though in Aquaman Vol. 1, #17, Poseidon kidnaps Aquaman’s wife to keep her for himself, which is totally not cool).


–Jillian Kestenbaum, office manager

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