Donald Trump called a Philadelphia reporter the C-word after her story on his Atlantic City deals

"There was no hello," Jennifer Lin recalled of her phone call with Trump. "But there was yelling, lots of yelling"

Published September 29, 2016 4:01PM (EDT)

  (Reuters/David Moir)
(Reuters/David Moir)

Former Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jennifer Lin, in a new essay for, recalled the time Donald Trump referred to her as "that c__t" in 1988.

As a financial correspondent, Lin was tasked with reporting on a three-way bidding war for the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, between Trump, "Jeopardy!" creator Merv Griffin and an obscure millionaire car dealer from Rochester, New York, named Dale Scutti.

Though Trump was unavailable for comment, Scutti told Lin "he thought Trump was trying to scare shareholders into accepting his offer with threats of bankruptcy and warnings that he was the only one capable of completing the over-budget Taj Mahal project."

Scutti's accusation drew backlash from Trump's spokespeople, who called them "categorically untrue."

After the article, titled "How a Curious Visitor Beat Trump at the Casino Game" ran, Trump called Lin to air his grievances.

"There was no hello. But there was yelling, lots of yelling," Lin recalled. "The word 'shit' was used repeatedly as a noun and adjective."

Trump then called Lin's editor, Craig Stock.

"Craig was treated to the same Trumpian wordplay, but got an added treat," she continued. "Trump referred to me as 'that c__t.'"

Asked which particular part of the story he took issue with, Trump admitted he hadn't read past the title.

"No one reads the story," Trump told Stock. "I read the headline and I didn’t like it."

Should it find traction, Lin's bombshell bodes poorly for Trump, who has faced criticism this week after allegations resurfaced of his fat-shaming the 1996 Miss Universe, Alicia Machado.

Worse still, on Thursday, The Los Angeles Times reported that Trump encouraged the manager at his golf club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, to fire clubhouse restaurant hostesses who were "not pretty enough," according to court documents.

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