Salon Talks: "People are clamoring for other choices," says Green Party candidate Jill Stein

The Green Party nominee sat down for an exclusive interview with Salon following Monday night's debate

By Salon Staff
Published September 29, 2016 6:30PM (EDT)
 (peter cooper)
(peter cooper)

Jill Stein is thinking big picture about the future of the world.

Green Party presidential candidate  Jill Stein sat down with “Salon Talks” host Carrie Sheffield and “#WeThePeople Live” host Josh Zepps earlier this week to discuss her run for office and the 2016 presidential election.

“In this election, we’re not just deciding what kind of world we are going to have but whether we are going to have a world or not going forward,” Dr. Stein said.

Prior to Monday night’s presidential debate showdown at Hofstra University, Stein had held a “people’s debate” on campus to protest the stringent standards that prevent her from participating in the televised debates.

“The people’s debate took place before the debate," Stein said. "And this was essentially a demonstration. It was a gathering with hundreds of supporters who came out to say, ‘This is not OK; this is not acceptable,' at a time when the establishment candidates are being rejected at unprecedented levels, the most disliked and untrusted candidates for president ever. And people are clamoring for other choices.”

Taking questions via Facebook Live with the largest "Salon Talks" audience to date — more than 60,000 viewers— Stein shared her stance on a range of issues, including whistleblowing and the environment.

"The Green 'New Deal' calls for an urgent transition, not only of fossil fuels, but also nuclear" power, she said. "It provides the subsidies to do this transition because our survival depends on it. So we would decommission these nuclear power plants and immediately stop any new creation," the presidential hopeful said.

Watch the full interview.

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