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Fascinating world views from a man and his horse in Gaza to a cosplayer at New York Comic Con

Published October 7, 2016 8:00PM (EDT)


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Cocoa Beach, Florida   Mark Wilson/Getty
A man walks past heavy surf caused by Hurricane Matthew

In October 2012, hours before Hurricane Sandy made landfall in southern New Jersey, I stood on the Rockaway boardwalk, watching the first waves of what would turn out to be a devastating storm surge which plunged Manhattan into darkness, submerged tunnels, and worse yet, destroyed the boardwalk on which I was standing. Like most things related to nature — tornadoes and lightning, to name a few — a hurricane is so beautiful yet so deadly.

–Jeremy Binckes, cover editor


Gaza City, Palestine   Mohammed Abed/Getty
A Palestinian man bathes his horse in the Mediterranean Sea

It is only when man serves beast that there will be justice for all.

–Chauncey DeVega, politics writer


Saint-Louis, Haiti   Dieu Nalio Chery/AP
Children sit inside a church destroyed by Hurricane Matthew

Haiti, no stranger to disaster made by both nature and humans, has
lost hundred to Hurricane Matthew. As I reported earlier today, the
calamity struck just weeks after the Obama administration announced
that it would resume regular deportations to the island. Rights
advocates hope he will have a change of heart.

–Daniel Denvir, staff reporter


New York City   Timothy A. Clary/Getty
A costumed fan at New York Comic Con

Cosplay is for nerds. But I love nerds, so it's OK. This person dressed up as a character from one of the "Star Wars" movies, according to my coworker (I've never seen any of them so I wouldn't know). I was going to watch all the films before writing this caption, but then this wouldn't get published for, like, a year. I do love the horns, though.

–Tatiana Baez, social media coordinator

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