WATCH: Christian Slater explains how James Franco's sex scenes challenged him: "If I’m going to do this, let’s do it”

Salon Talks: Christian Slater and writer/director Justin Kelly discuss their new movie "King Cobra"

Published October 20, 2016 3:13PM (EDT)

This week's “Salon Talks” featured host Andrew O’Heir, along with his special guests, actor Christian Slater and writer/director Justin Kelly. The three sat down to discuss Kelly’s upcoming film “King Cobra,” which features Slater.

“It’s a film based on a very wild true story about a murder in the gay porn world. It’s in the early to mid-2000s, a time when kind of there was this shift in the porn world, straight and gay, to the internet of course. And a lot of people like Slater's character Steven started to make porn at home and make a lot of money doing it,” Kelly explained.

The independent film also features James Franco as Slater's rival porn producer.

Although this was a project that Slater said “wouldn’t normally come across his desk,” he added that he related to the character in many ways.

“It was really about human beings and the struggles of what it is to deal with these deep emotional things that we’ve got to deal with,” Slater said.

Kelly also pointed out that there are some difficulties and hurdles for independent films containing gay content, but he believes that time and acceptance is helping change that.

“When the time period of when all this was taking place, you know, our whole mentality and psyche was in a different place. Certainly in the last eight years I think people have grown and matured, and hopefully become less judgmental," Slater adds.


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