A Clinton supporter talks to a Trump voter at a rally — they end up agreeing on more than you'd think

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Published October 25, 2016 7:58AM (EDT)

 (AP/Ross D. Franklin)
(AP/Ross D. Franklin)

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.


On Oct. 21, Donald Trump held his third rally of the day at the Newtown Athletic Club in Pennsylvania, a state he currently trails Hillary Clinton in by 6 points. Outside the recreation center, protesters gathered along the hill leading up to the building's entrance and held signs referencing Trump's sexual assault allegations, wall proposal and bigotry.

It's also where Jeffrey Brown, a local marketing manager and Hillary Clinton supporter, met Josh Starr, a Trump supporter who had traveled from nearby Bethlehem to attend the rally. And believe it or not, there were a few key points both sides could agree on in their very civil debate, at least by current American standards.

1. Donald Trump cheated his workers, but the Clintons' charitable work deserves a closer look. 

"Trump screwed over contractors, that's a fact. How about the Clinton foundation screwing over the people of Haiti?" Starr pointed out what he believes is the Clinton's biggest controversy. And it's definitely one that's been heavily criticized by both right and left wing media including prominent publications Trump has either banned or threatened to sue.

"I went to Haiti on a mission trip, so I 100 percent agree with that," Brown admitted, though he is extremely doubtful Donald Trump's relief effort would have been more effective.

2. It's easy to forget who in the "establishment" were once people like you.

Let's admit it: Regardless of who you support in this election, a unique part of being American is the dream of climbing the social ladder.

"You want to play poker, you've got, like, $1,000, you don't turn that into 10G," Starr explained, alluding to the fact that if Trump is, in fact, a billionaire, this is no small feat. However, working your way up from nothing is far more relatable for the average voter.

"Was Hillary Clinton born into money?" asked Brown rhetorically.

"No," Starr answered.

"Of course not," Brown shot back. "Was Donald Trump born into money?"

Starr was hesitant.

"He was born into moderate money," the Trump supporter answered.

"Moderate money! He was wealthy though," the Clinton supporter reminded him.

"Yes," Starr agreed.

3. The elites don't accept Donald Trump because he makes them look bad.

Trump is in an interesting position right now. He's tarnished his reputation with the elite, yet his base is far too poor to afford his product.

"The [elites] hate him," Starr told Brown.

"They hate him now because he he can't shut his mouth," Brown shot back.

"Yeah, he says dumb shit," Starr admitted, and for this Trump supporter, that extends to the nominee's blatant disregard for social issues. The self-proclaimed "left-wing Republican" is, like 20 percent of Pennsylvania voters, registered Independent.

"I came down by myself because all my friends are liberals and they make fun of me for liking Trump," Starr admitted.

"I think gay people should get married, Roe v. Wade should stay where it is," he explained as he touched on Supreme Court decisions Trump has threatened to repeal. But even though he differs so much from the candidate, Starr would rather chance the system to an outsider.

"I was in the military and my dad was in the military and there's a saying 'good enough for government work,'" Starr said. "We just don't do things right."

As for Jeffrey Brown, he's getting out the vote for Hillary through his community activism.

"I advocate for systemic justice," Brown said. "Love does trump hate, all the time."

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By Alexandra Rosenmann

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