CNN's Chris Cuomo shoots down Rudy Giuliani's "conspiracy theory" in a heated interview on "New Day"

In an interview on CNN "New Day" on Wednesday, Cuomo and Giuliani argued again over Clinton's email investigation

Published October 26, 2016 6:33PM (EDT)

Rudy Giuliani gives an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN "New Day" on October 26, 2016 (CNN)
Rudy Giuliani gives an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN "New Day" on October 26, 2016 (CNN)

Rudy Giuliani snuck out of "Trumpland" on Wednesday to make an appearance on CNN's "New Day," subjecting himself to a combative interview with host Chris Cuomo, who at one point said of the former mayor, "all of a sudden you're in Trumpland, and the facts are all over the place."

During the exchange, Giuliani introduced a conspiracy theory on the show, claiming an official involved in the Clinton email investigation was bribed not to charge the Democratic presidential nominee.

"I think it is based on the facts of things like the number two guy in the investigation turns out to have gotten $675,000," Giuliani said.

Cuomo fact checked the former mayor by noting that the payment he was referring to was a legal campaign contribution given to the FBI official's wife.

"I have looked up to you my entire life because you're so accurate, and all of a sudden you're in Trump land, and the facts are all over the place. He didn't get a penny," Cuomo said.

But that response didn't satisfy Giuliani. "You guys are so darn unfair to Trump. I swear to God," he said.

Cuomo, seemingly astonished by this spin, dismissed what Giuliani was saying as pure nonsense.

"This sounds like a conspiracy theory. It sounds like a conspiracy theory," Cuomo said. "You can criticize the investigation, but this stuff is far-fetched at least, and conspiratorial in the main. The timing is wrong, Rudy."

Watch a video of the heated interview below:

For regular "New Day" viewers, the interview probably seemed like déjà vu. Cuomo and Giuliani had an eerily similar dispute in August, as the two aggressively argued about FBI Director James Comey's decision not to indict Hillary Clinton.

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