WATCH: Journalist Katy Tur responds after Donald Trump bullies her in front of 4,000 people

"It is a unique experience to have an entire crowd of people . . . booing you," Tur told Brian Williams

Published November 3, 2016 1:52PM (EDT)

At his rally in Miami on Wednesday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's insipid whining about media bias turned personal, as he berated NBC News reporter Katy Tur in front of 4,000 of his supporters.

"We have massive crowds; there’s something happening. They’re not reporting it," he said.

"Katy, you’re not reporting it, Katy,” Trump said to Tur. “But there’s something happening, Katy. There’s something happening, Katy."

Wednesday was hardly the first time the Republican presidential nominee has targeted Tur, as the New York Daily News noted:

Trump’s ostensible vendetta against Tur started last December when he called her a "third-rate journalist" during a campaign rally, prompting the crowd to hurl loud insults at the 33-year-old reporter. Trump was then back at it again during a July press conference when he bluntly told Tur to "be quiet" after she tried to ask him a question.

Tur counterpunched on Wednesday night.

"It is a unique experience to have an entire crowd of people . . . booing you and it's especially unique when they're actually saying your name and looking directly at you," Tur told MSNBC's Brian Williams. "And that's what happened today."

Tur added, "The idea that [Trump] has" that the press won't report on the movement "is just factually untrue."

She explained, "Oftentimes when he's playing to the camera and saying we don't move our cameras to show these crowds, the cameras are all looking in opposite directions showing the crowds." Tur continued, "And, not to mention, we are penned in. The campaign doesn't allow the cameras to even leave to go get more crowd pictures."

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