North Carolina is openly celebrating its black voter suppression efforts

The North Carolina Republican Party sent out a press release today touting a decrease in the African-American vote

Published November 7, 2016 9:11PM (EST)

 (AP/David Goldman)
(AP/David Goldman)

Just a day before the presidential election, the North Carolina Republican Party issued a press release that celebrated the underperforming voter turnout among African Americans in the state.

"North Carolina Obama Coalition Crumbling," the statement read. "As a share of Early Voters, African Americans are down 6.0%, (2012: 28.9%, 2016: 22.9%) and Caucasians are up 4.2%, (2012: 65.8%, 2016: 70.0%)."

The North Carolina Republican Party has been widely criticized this election year for its efforts in suppressing the minority vote in the state. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled in July that the state’s voter ID laws “target[ed] African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

In October, the NAACP filed a lawsuit alleging that local elections boards in five states, including North Carolina, had illegally purged thousands of black voters from registration lists.

These legal quagmires have seemingly failed to alarm GOP leaders in North Carolina.

"The vaulted Clinton ground game has been buried in North Carolina by the Republican effort, thus far," the statement boasted today.

Last week, Reuters reported that emails between North Carolina Republicans revealed a conspiracy to limit the operating hours of early voting polling places, in the hopes it would limit minority turnout.

Emails uncovered by Reuters through a public records request revealed that local Republican leaders lobbied at least 17 county election boards to limit the hours that voting sites could stay open — particularly to cut down on weekends and evenings, when Democratic voter turnout tends to be higher.

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