It's time for Ann Coulter to go away and never come back

Ann Coulter is a race-baiting huckster, and the world will be a lot better once we stop giving her airtime

By Jeremy Binckes
Published November 8, 2016 4:30PM (EST)
Ann Coulter (AP/Cliff Owen)
Ann Coulter (AP/Cliff Owen)

It's time to forget that Ann Coulter even existed.

On Monday night, the woman who made a name for herself by hopping aboard Donald Trump's wild train to Crazytown found the station at which most sane people would get off — leaving only the legitimate neo-Nazis behind.

Coulter's tweet is a remarkable throwback to the 1930s, when Germany, under the Nuremberg Laws, defined one's race based on their grandparents. As the U.S. Holocaust Museum has stated:

The Nuremberg Laws, as they became known, did not define a "Jew" as someone with particular religious beliefs. Instead, anyone who had three or four Jewish grandparents was defined as a Jew, regardless of whether that individual identified himself or herself as a Jew or belonged to the Jewish religious community. Many Germans who had not practiced Judaism for years found themselves caught in the grip of Nazi terror. Even people with Jewish grandparents who had converted to Christianity were defined as Jews.

And people were quick to realize this flagrant Nazi precedent.

While others realized that she may have spoken without really thinking.

Here's the thing about Ann Coulter: She's a bomb thrower, mainly because she can't find anything nice to say. Her entire existence is based on trying to flame the right into a frenzy by proclaiming she's making "all the liberals mad."

There's a solution to this. If we want true and honest political discourse over the next few years, it's time to forget Ann Coulter ever existed. If you're a media host and have Ann Coulter on your program, giving her a platform to sell her books and put out her message — I'm looking at you, Bill Maher — you deserve to be lumped into the same category she's in.

Ann Coulter deserves no more attention from reasonable Americans.

Bye, Ann.

Jeremy Binckes

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