Seth Meyers reflects on the presidential election: "Well, that was a real grab in the p**sy"

Meyers expressed hope that President-elect Trump and his supporters would "be compassionate" to marginalized groups

By Brendan Gauthier
Published November 10, 2016 12:57PM (EST)

"Late Night" host Seth Meyers on Wednesday shared his closing thoughts on the "real grab in the pussy" the 2016 presidential election turned out to be.

"I do really feel for the parents who had to explain this to their kids this morning — especially parents with daughters, because a lot of them, like me, probably thought Hillary [Clinton] would be our first woman president, but she won't be," Meyers said. "But that does mean that someone's daughter is out there right now who will one day have that title."

Meyers then started tearing up while talking about how excited his mother was to see Clinton break the glass ceiling — and equally upset when it didn't pan out.

"I felt a lot of emotions last night and into today — some sadness, some anger, some fear," he said. "But I'm also aware that those of the same emotions a lot of [President-elect Donald] Trump supporters felt — emotions that led them to make their choice."

"And it would be wrong for me to think that my emotions are somehow more authentic than their emotions," he continued. "We're always better as a society when we have empathy for one another, so ... I would like to say to those Trump voters, Congratulations. I sincerely hope he addresses your concerns. I sincerely hope that if you felt forgotten, he won't forget you now."

Meyers acknowledged that as a straight white man, his emotions "are likely a fraction of those being felt by the LGBTQ community, African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, any number of the immigrant community so vital to our country."

He added: "So hopefully the Trump administration and Trump supporters will be compassionate to them because they need your compassion."

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