WATCH: America's election hypocrisy — U.S. "has disrupted so many elections throughout the world”

Salon's Carrie Sheffield sits down with Alyona Minkovski and Ben Weingarten to discuss Russia's alleged hacking

Published December 13, 2016 1:00PM (EST)

Salon's Carrie Sheffield sat down with journalist Alyona Minkovski and ChangeUp founder/CEO Ben Weingarten to discuss Russia's alleged involvement in the presidential election.

"The United States has disrupted so many elections throughout the world, throughout history," Minkovski said. "Brought on regime change or funded certain parties and certain candidates."

Minkovski argued that this is "a type of position that other countries around the world take when they look at what the United States does and they see their own policy as hypocritical to where their rhetoric stands."

By Peter Cooper

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