ST AUSTELL, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 14: Recently arrived rare breed Valais Blacknose lambs explores its new home in a paddock at the Lost Gardens of Heligan near St Austell on December 14, 2016 in Cornwall, England. The Lost Garden's of Heligan's farm is home to a variety of traditional and rare breed livestock and poultry, which is managed using a mixture of traditional breeds and sustainable, low intensity techniques. The farm's cows, pigs and sheep are all reared for meat, which is butchered locally and provides a locally produced meat for the Heligan Tearoom. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Fascinating world views from outdated petrol station pumps in Britain to a Greenpeace protestor in Paris

Salon Staff
December 15, 2016 11:30PM (UTC)

Look Again is a daily series presenting the best photographs of the previous 24 hours, curated and written by Salon's writers and editors.


Trowbridge, Britain   Toby Melville/Reuters
Old rusty petrol stations are seen on the outskirts of a rural village

petrol pumps

What happens when an entire kind of technology becomes outmoded? We won't know for a while, but some day, the site of abandoned gas pumps will be as common as unplugged pay phones and cast-off VHS players. Here, three "petrol" pumps silently rust, on a road in Trowbridge, Britain, west England, a Wiltshire town a few miles from the city Bath.


—Scott Timberg, culture writer


St Austell, England   Matt Cardy/Getty
Newly arrived rare Valais Blacknose lambs explore their abode at the Lost Gardens of Helicon 

“blacknose lamb”

I've never seen cuter lambs with a more intimidating stare. Watch out, Lost Gardens.


—Jillian Kestenbaum, office manager


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina   Dado Ruvic/Reuters
A Turkish student cries in solidarity with the trapped citizens of war-torn Aleppo

turkish protestor in sarajevo

This young woman is part of a protest in Sarajevo, Bosnia to express solidarity with the residents of Aleppo, Syria, who are being massacred by Bashar al-Assad, with support from the Russian government, as al-Assad tries to oust all rebels from the area.


The event is terrifying on its own, but made more so by the dawning realization, in America, that our president-elect Donald Trump won a narrow election with the help, witting or not, of the same Russian government that is backing this horrific violence.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


—Amanda Marcotte, politics writer


Paris, France   Jacky Naegelen/Reuters
A Greenpeace demonstrator blocks the entrance to the state-owned energy company EDF headquarters

greenpeace protester paris

Environmentalists in Europe face a dilemma when it comes to energy production. Germany has set a course to decommission all nuclear power plants by 2022, which means the country will increasingly rely on coal and imported natural gas for electricity generation. France on the other hand is doubling down on nuclear power in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and imports from unstable regions of the world. Meanwhile, Americans love cheap fuel regardless of the source or origin.


—Michael Hardy, director of optimization

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