Kellyanne Conway should check Donald Trump's Twitter history before telling Democrats to stop talking about the Russia hacks

Conway suggested Barack Obama is to blame for beating a horse that Donald Trump has long since killed

Published December 16, 2016 8:05PM (EST)

 (YouTube/TP Clips 8)
(YouTube/TP Clips 8)

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway's latest acrobatic effort to portray the president-elect in a less-than-Satanic light pertained to recent hacking allegations against the Russian government. Conway argued that top Democrats and Hillary Clinton are to blame for chasing a dusty lead and hindering the transition effort.

"If you want to shut this down and you actually love the country enough to have this peaceful transition in our great democracy between the Obama administration and the Trump administration," she told Fox News's Martha MacCallum on Friday, "there are a couple people in pretty prominent positions — one's named Obama, one's named Hillary Clinton — since there's people trying to fight over her election still, they can shut this down."

New York Rep. Chris Collins seems to agree with Conway.

"I'm just suggesting let's all get united behind Donald Trump and let's move this country forward and not continue finger-pointing, suggesting somehow this election was rigged when at worst it was the truth that came out that had an impact on the election," Collins, a Republican, told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Friday.

Somewhere in Trump Tower, though, Donny Casino is undermining his surrogates' efforts — as usual — tweeting about the damn Russian hack:

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