WATCH: When Casey Affleck and Kate McKinnon see the real Santa, their experiences are way different

Kate McKinnon learns there are two North Poles; worse, she lost her pants, and didn't get to see the nice one.

Published December 18, 2016 2:11PM (EST)

This week's "Saturday Night Live" featured skit, "Christmas Miracle" had Ms. Rafferty (Kate McKinnon), Sharon (Cecily Strong) and Doug (Casey Affleck) sharing their experiences meeting Santa Claus with clergy and academics.

"I was met by a 9' tall goat man named Krinklemouse, who according to some German fairytale is Santa's helper," says McKinnon's Rafferty. "He points a hoof at me, and I kind of got the idea that I should come with him," she adds.

"Krinkemouse travels by dogsled," she continues, "which sounds fun, but then he straps a harness on me, and throws me in with the dog team...and these dogs don't fly, they run!"

Sharon and Doug have a magical experience, where they see elves and Mrs. Claus, but Ms. Rafferty loses her pants and has a nightmarish and foul time at the North Pole.

By Salon Staff

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