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Melania Trump, currently suing a publication for defamation, says her goal is to protect the First Amendment

The first lady to be wants to fight against censorship and cyberbullying, two things her husband is guilty of

Taylor Link
December 29, 2016 11:53PM (UTC)

Melania Trump will reportedly fight for freedom of speech when she assumes the role of First Lady, even as she's in the middle of suing British tabloid The Daily Mail and a Maryland-based blogger for defamation.

The National Enquirer revealed through sources that the former model will "adopt a two-pronged platform as First Lady, including an unprecedented push to protect freedom of speech and a second campaign to eradicate cyberbullying!"


First Ladies have traditionally picked causes to champion during their time in the public eye. First Lady Michelle Obama chose obesity, striving to raise awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles. Laura Bush pushed for more reading. Hillary Clinton did a lot of things.

Trump, on the other hand, has appeared to pick causes that directly conflict with her husband's modus operandi. President-elect Donald Trump became infamous for his propensity to sue people who offend him. He recently threatened to sue The New York Times over an article about his unwanted advances on women. In February, Trump said he would weaken First Amendment protections for reporters as president, making it easier for him to sue them.

Now the first lady to be apparently wants to fight against the very strictures and limitations her husband wishes to impose on free speech. Her reported agenda is even more curious as she moves forward with her $150 million lawsuit against the British tabloid, which reported — then retracted — a story that the Slovenian modeling agency she worked for in the 1990s also operated as a pricey escort service.


A source told National Enquirer that Melania's childhood under a communist regime where citizens could not speak their minds inspired her agenda.

Trump's secondary cause she hopes to crusade against is cyberbullying, a campaign that can't be serious considering her husband is the MVP of cyberbullying.

Taylor Link

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