WATCH: Is Trump grooming Ivanka to become the first female president?

Published January 12, 2017 1:00PM (EST)

  (Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi)
(Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi)

PowerWomenTV founder and CEO Amy Palmer has spent years interviewing some of the world's most influential women, and she believes President-elect Donald Trump is grooming his daughter Ivanka for a future run, possibly to become America's first female president.

In a Salon Talks interview yesterday, Palmer and I discussed how Ivanka might address questions around conflict-of-interest with her personal brand and whether she was under an unfair double standard relative to her friend Chelsea Clinton.

Ivanka plans to move to Washington, D.C., with her husband Jared Kushner, who was just named as a senior adviser to President-elect Trump.

Mike Allen, my former Politico colleague who has since moved on to launch the new media company Axios, reported yesterday about Ivanka's early strategy:

Following her decision not to take a formal White House role, Ivanka Trump plans to stay out of the spotlight for a few months as her family moves to D.C., hoping the temperature goes down on nepotism questions involving her husband, Jared Kushner. But then she'll begin taking high-profile stands on policies aimed at women's entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. A well-wired source tells me her focus will be consistent with her brand: issues affecting women who work, including family leave and equal pay.

Behind the scenes, Ivanka is moving to put a high-powered, high-level staffer inside the White House to help her cause. My sources tell me her first and likely choice is Goldman Sachs exec Dina Powell, who runs the firm's 10,000 Women and 10,000 Small Businesses, and was in charge of presidential personnel for George W. Bush.

By Carrie Sheffield

Carrie Sheffield is a Salon Talks host, founder of Bold and adviser to Lincoln Network. She previously wrote editorials for The Washington Times, covered politics for POLITICO and The Hill and analyzed municipal credit for Goldman Sachs and Moody's Investors Service.

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