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Fascinating world views from a priest blessing chihuahuas to children raising environmental awareness in India

By Salon Staff
January 19, 2017 1:47AM (UTC)
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A lion family rests at the Tbilisi Zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017. The Tbilisi Zoo received several dozen new animals last year from zoos around the world after devastating floods in 2015 left hundreds of animals dead. (AP Photo/Shakh Aivazov) (AP)

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Bangalore, India   Manjunath Kiran/Getty
Children wear tiger face paint for the 'Kids for Tigers' project that raises environmental awareness and tiger conservation


If the whole "environmental awareness makeup artist" gig doesn't work out, there are at least no noticeable global shortages of productions of "Cats."


—Erin Keane, managing editor


Tbilisi, Georgia   Shakh Aivazov/AP
A lion family relaxes at the Tbilisi Zoo


Lions sleep an average of 20 hours a day—while lionesses take care of the cubs and the hunting and sleep about 15 hours a day. Disregarding the gender imbalance for a second, think about that next time you try to snooze and steal 9 extra minutes to your 7-hour sleep.


—Mireia Triguero Roura, editorial assistant


Madrid, Spain   Susana Vera/Reuters
A museum worker fixes the hair on Donald Trump's wax statue


I chose this photo thinking I would write something about the difficult job of the wig wrangler assigned to the Donald Trump sculpture in a wax museum. Then I remembered that we have an inauguration in two days that is in no way funny or frivolous. This wax sculpture will be labeled "United States President."


—Benjamin Wheelock, senior art director


Madrid, Spain   Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP
A priest blesses two chihuahuas during the Feast of Saint Anthony, Spain's patron saint of animals


The blessing of pets is central to the Feast of St. Anthony, celebrating Spain's patron saint of animals. This woman brought her tiny dogs to receive a sprinkling of holy water. Presumably then it's off to confession, in order to seek forgiveness for sins committed against the legs of unsuspecting house guests.


—Melanie McFarland, TV critic

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